Meet The Team

Our seasoned management team with decades of business and IT experience is focused on developing and supporting only the highest quality business automation platform.

Meet the CODEES Team: Mohammad Ali Mohammad Zaytoun, Kafa Mustafa Mohammad Altamimi, Ali Ibrahim Mustafa Alrefaee.

Mohammad Ali Mohammad ZAYTOUN,
Chief Executive Officer

Mohammad Ali Mohammad ZAYTOUN is a highly motivated professional with over fifteen years of extensive IT and software development experience. He is well experienced in delivering service-oriented systems, GIS-enabled solutions, code profiling and optimization. He is a hardworking individual with excellent analytical, problem-solving, and communication skills. Mohammad holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Computer Engineering.

Kafa Mustafa Mohammad ALTAMIMI,
Chief Financial Officer

Kafa ALTAMIMI is a highly engaged, collaborative and certified Human Capital Management Specialist working for different industries leveraging 22 years of professional education and HR experience. She is acknowledged for boosting productivity and profitability while leading cross-functional teams to improved performance and delivering solid business results Kafa holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Accounting and Minor Law.

Ali Ibrahim Mustafa ALREFAEE,
Chief Technical Officer

Ali Ibrahim Mustafa ALREFAEE is a seasoned professional with 15+ years of demonstrated experience managing, planning, analyzing, developing, and implementing innovative business solutions to address business opportunities. He possesses strong technical skills such as software project management, process automation, modeling, testing, SQL, data analysis, etc. Mohammad holds B.Sc. in Computer Engineering.