Your Secure Low-Code Business Automation Platform

What is CODEES?

CODEES is a low-code business workflow automation platform that allows non-IT specialists to optimize internal business processes in an easy-to-use interface. It provides full customization and allows teams to communicate, collaborate, and manage all their data.

CODEES’s automation services simplify critical IT processes and help us deliver high-quality solutions, an exceptional user experience, and improve business performance. Our approach requires little to no coding and helps customers to automate the workflow without detailed technical knowledge.

CODEES is a cloud-based web platform that provides information security through end-to end-encryption and reduces the barrier to entry for users in various industries.

We provide businesses with creative freedom by reducing the dependency on IT departments and offering a high-quality digital platform.
We promote the culture of continuous collaboration and innovation by building purposeful relationships and fostering experimentation.
We focus on our customer’s success, actively listening to their needs and strive to give them the best by delivering a cost-effective platform.

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