Enabling innovation through low-code development

With digital transformation accelerating across all industries, we’re seeing a growing trend among younger generations of employees who are actively seeking out modern tools that enable digital-centric experiences. The desire for today’s workplace to be digitally savvy and interconnected continues to be on the rise. Regardless of whether or not individuals come from a technical background, low-code development platforms are enabling a new wave of citizen developers to build digital workflows that solve key business problems. Find Out More

Why Low-Code Software Is at an Inflection Point

Software stocks were big winners during the pandemic as businesses large and small realized the need to accelerate their digital transformation. In the process, many embraced low-code software, which allows for applications to be quickly deployed with little or no code.

In this episode of “Beat & Raise,” recorded on Oct. 8, Fool contributors Jeremy Bowman and Nicholas Rossolillo discuss why low-code is at an inflection point and which companies are poised to benefit. Find Out More