Business Process Automation

Business process automation is known as using technology to execute recurring tasks or processes in a business where manual effort can be replaced. It is used to minimize costs, improve efficiency, and streamline operations.

Business process automation (BPA) automates workflows to increase the productivity of a business. BPA focuses on the entire corporation rather than a specific department and on the complete end-to-end process rather than individual tasks while building software platforms that combine all existing applications.

The BPA platform automates time-consuming manual processes and workflows. This allows users to automate their tasks and activities across various areas, including sales and marketing, HR, accounting, customer support services, and offering integrations of different business systems for flexibility and ease of use. BPA solutions help businesses reduce the time and cost of modeling and implementing business processes, services, and applications.

Why Us?

SME’s workflow consists of myriad tasks, and there is no possible way to accomplish everything effectively with manual processes.

Acceleration and automation of business processes require significant IT resources and substantial initial investments to achieve the business objectives on time.

The business gap between IT and business users’ leads to misunderstandings of requirements which delay the delivery of requested features:

• The rapid digital transformation pressure after COVID-19.
• The need for rich data and statistics for better decision-making.
• The need for tracking reports to control and audit workforce productivity.

The diversity of business needs results in various IT solutions that are difficult to manage and maintain in terms of infrastructure, integration, synchronization, and access management.

Our Product

Today’s work environment is facing digitalization processes, so businesses of all sizes have to adapt fast.

CODEES is a cloud-based low-code workflow automation platform that simplifies IT processes, optimizing internal business processes regardless of the complexity of the company’s needs or coding skills.

We will develop a low code business automation and workflow platform that will reduce the dependency on IT resources and enable business users to automate and improve their internal processes in an easy-to-use interface.

The product will support the SAAS architecture, which will reduce the costs for customers in terms of hardware and software.

The product will be a centralized hub for the business by providing:
• Identity lifecycle management;
• Access and delegation management;
• Business workflow management;
• List of connectors to the most used applications and services;
• Rich reports for analyzing, optimizing and measuring all aspects of the business;
• Process design recommendation using AI technologies.

In other words, it provides a cloud-based solution that can be used by businesses of any size and from any industry.

Our Team

Our seasoned management team with decades of business and IT experience is focused on developing and supporting only the highest quality business automation platform.